The legal system can be a very daunting experience, especially to an individual who wishes to handle their own legal affairs, otherwise known as a “litigant in person”. Due to drastic cuts in legal aid funding more and more people are opting to handle their legal disputes themselves to try and reduce costs.

However, cases can be won or lost on procedure alone, even before you consider how to present your evidence in court, J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd are structured in a unique way which allows our clients to handle their legal issues themselves as a litigant in person, but with the expertise of legal professionals to assist and support them at each step.

Feedback from our clients has reflected that the greater proportion of our clients, acting as litigants in person were most apprehensive about attending court hearings, however, with our ‘Licensed Access’ granted by the Bar Standards Board we can appoint barristers to handle your court hearings without the client needing to address/or sometimes even attend the court. If you are considering acting as a litigant in person but require help such as advice or assistance with all or part of your case then we would be happy to help in any of the following.

Civil Litigation – Claims and Defence

Claims Management/ Tort Law

Insolvency Law

Employment Law

Divorce and Family Law


Warrants of Execution

Administration of Estates

J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd has many years of experience in the preparation of wills and in the administration of estates, if you require assistance then we are happy to help, however, only an authorised person can apply for the grant of probate such as the Executor of the will, or a Solicitor. If the Executor of the estate would rather not apply for the granting of probate then J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd can direct you to an independent authorised person who will be able to complete this aspect on your behalf. However, we usually find the executor is happy to complete the application for probate themselves thus saving unnecessary costs.

You can also obtain advice from the Citizen Advice Centre or Step Change and also Pay plan For emotional support you can contact Samaritans