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J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd believes that your first consultation should be free & unrestricted in time unlike most law firms that only give 30 minutes free advice.

Who We Are

J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd has a modern day legal structure. Our lawyers consisting of barristers, members of the chartered institute of legal executives and specialist qualified paralegals to create a cost effective legal service tailored to our client’s budget.


Our barristers operate nationally out of our chambers at the Coal Exchange located in Cardiff and from our head offices in Somerset. Our ever expanding barristers chambers range from junior to senior barristers providing a first class drafting and advocacy service and are highly experienced in their chosen practice areas, allowing us to allocate the most appropriate barrister for your legal requirements.

Until recently there was a restriction on barristers being able to give legal advice direct to members of the public. Historically you had to go through the process of instructing a solicitor to review and prepare the case and then instruct a barrister on your behalf which was often time consuming and expensive.

Changes to the Law removing this restriction enabling barristers to advise the public directly through the Public Access scheme sought to overcome these issues. However some restrictions remained which has limited barrister availability for the public.

J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd has a unique structure allowing us to overcome these restrictions.

J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd is licensed by the Bar Standards Board, the regulatory body who governs barristers, under their “Licensed Access” Scheme allowing us to instruct any barrister direct on behalf of the public.

Regulation and memberships

J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd legal practitioners are our greatest asset and they are trained to the highest standards.

All of our legal practitioners are registered and regulated by the appropriate legal bodies in the UK who promote the code of standards for all their members and have either been granted Chartered or Institute status or both by the UK government, which was supported by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), Law Society, the Ministry of Justice and the Bar Council.

Our History

Joseph Boddington

J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd is named after Joseph Boddington.

From humble beginnings Joseph began his legal career as a Solicitors clerk in Warwickshire before becoming a Solicitor and setting up in independent practice moving to London by the turn of the 20th Century.

Boddington’s latin motto “ Recta Certa ”, on the company shield, translates as “Straight” and “True” which is fully reflected in our company ethos.

Christopher Boddington

Christopher Boddington, the great, great grandson of Joseph incorporated J. Boddington Law Associates Ltd, to create a 21 st century law firm without compromising on traditional values.

Christopher is a Legal Practitioner who is an ex-officer of the Court, a fellow of the Institute of Paralegals (IOP), a Member of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (Cilex) and has been granted Licensed Access by the Bar Standards Board.

Christopher Boddington is passionate in believing that law should be accessible and affordable to all.

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